look for what heals and validates you — leave out what doesn’t

There is a lot of discussion on energy, but what is it?

I will not attempt to explain or prove it here.

I am not into that – this is not that kinda blog.

Rather I will share my views or my own Truth on how I see energy.

Everything is energy.

There is low vibrational energy, high vibrational energy and all that in-between. Your spirit is high vibrational energy and your body is lower vibration. It is the spirit that drives the body and it is the spirit that needs to heal first. Healing is done via energy work.

Any and all issues / illness can be healed by accessing them at the core or at the energy level. This is the secret of wellness: you heal your issues in essence first, then your essence / spirit can heal your body.

As a clairvoyant I see energy. In fact, everyone can. Only difference is that as a trained clairvoyant, I have learned to validate it for myself – most people have not. Then there are those who are more skilled at knowing, feeling or sensing energy. There are lots of different ways.

Being able to see energy, I have also learned to direct energy or ‘work it’. This is actually very easy and simple.

The primary law of energy work is: energy flows where intention goes.

That’s all. Again, I don’t know what the scientific explanations to this are, but I have experienced the truth of this for myself through having worked with hundreds of clients.

As a healer I never direct energy in my client’s space without his / her permission first. So in a way, I’m not really the healer – it is the spirit of my client who does the healing. As a clairvoyant I just say hello to wherever I see blockages in the client’s energy field and watch as these begin to heal by themselves. Always healing as much as they’re comfortable with at the time.

I see energy in pictures, images, shapes, symbols and color and that is where I receive my clues on what is really going on. Darker colors indicate heaviness / stuckness of some kind and lighter colors indicate wellness. The body welcomes clear and light shades, but never the darker ones. The energies of pain / invalidation and punishment show up in very dark shades and black. This is the energy that pushes one’s spirit out of body. As a healer I say hello to that in my client’s energy field and it all begins to heal itself. At this point many old issues can resurface, so your allies here are non-resistance and a good dose of amusement.

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barefoot dance

At the center of the work that I do as a clairvoyant and healer is the premise that there is a natural body and there is a spiritual body.

Both the natural body and the spiritual body have wonderful self-healing capability, but every now and then, can benefit from some outside help.

Spirit seeks life experience and like a musical instrument, can sometimes go out of tune. It is the spirit that heals the body.

In my reading and healing sessions I say hello to your spirit, which will then begin to heal itself. This is the magic of being seen: more often than not, a simple spiritual hello really is all that is needed for healing. This hello is what restores your essence joy – the joy of your spirit to be in a body.

Spirit is of a higher vibration and already having heck of a good time. The physical body, on the other hand, is an elemental and belongs to the Earth.

I sometimes amusingly imagine myself as a playful elf, which reminds me of my body’s elemental nature.

The body is driven by the energy or ‘fuel’ that goes into it. So what is the fuel you fill up with? Is it you / your own truth – or do you fill up with whatever comes your way?

Hint: your body’s preferred fuel is the energy of your own unique spirit.

Being in body isn’t always easy and the common response to that is escape: going unconscious or ‘out of body’. A clairvoyant literally sees you as a spirit hanging outside of your body where a part of it has not been owned.

So that is also what a spiritual hello does: it aligns you, the spirit, with your body and brings you back into it.

Not owning your body and aura, you will more easily attract other people’s problems into your space. Someone else’s energy in your space is often not well received by your body, so you may experience pain, invalidation, discomfort, tiredness, depression, lack of enthusiasm, etc.

Rule of thumb: if it does not feel good, it is not yours.

Giving up space to foreign energy is the same as giving away your Seniority. That is, giving away your right to be the sole occupant in your space.

When you do finally decide to reclaim your Seniority and occupy your space with you / your truth / your energy – your body no longer acts as the container for other people’s issues. Now they have to go solve their own problems.

Being in body is a terribly selfish and indulgent act indeed.

You bring yourself back into body by calling back your energy from wherever it may have scattered around to. You may like to use the Golden Sun method included at the end of this post.

The body is a creature of comfort and responds really well to being listened to and treated with respect. It welcomes all kinds of physical comfort, rest, playtime, healthy food, exercise, time in nature and most of all: your own energy or your presence.

A good space to connect with your body and start hearing its wisdom is grounded meditation. When you do create some quiet reflection time for yourself, try also giving yourself a grounding cord.

Grounding is the ultimate self-healing tool! You can release down to the Earth anything that is not you. See how good it feels!

A good way to test how much ownership you have claimed of your body is to go out into a crowded place. If you are grounded, you’ll feel fine. If you are not grounded – you’ll feel ‘sensitive’ or ‘out of sorts’, because your body is absorbing all the energies from around you.

Meditation Technique

To call back your energy simply see a beautiful bright Golden Sun above your head. Place a good old-fashioned large magnet inside and write your full name below it. Then postulate that this magnet has the ability to draw back all of your energy from wherever it may have spread out to. You may notice your energy being called back from your projects, job; situations where you were perhaps having to explain or defend yourself; where you were fixing something for someone or rescuing someone; the past or the future. See all of your energy collecting up into that beautiful Golden Sun. If you see any foreign energy coming along too, then intend that the Golden Sun is only neutral to your energy and will burn off anything that is not yours. When you are ready, simply watch as your energy pours back into your body via your Crown chakra. See your body being filled up with You again. If there is anything in your body and aura that is not ‘you’, command it to go down the grounding cord – the Earth will recycle that energy back to their owners.

When you are done with the Gold Sun, destroy the magnet and your name inside it and simply watch it float off into space. Don’t worry – it will be available to you again when you need it next time!

©Janno Õnneleid 2013

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wish upon a star – the star that you areEvery now and again you discover that an old mock-up no longer works, is worn out, out of whack or you notice signs that perhaps it is reinvention time.

How do you know it’s time for a new mock-up?

Questions to ask yourself: does your dream work in alignment with the greater whole or is it a fanciful fantasy? Does it work in the everyday world? Is it based on basic spiritual values such as kindness, service, compassion? Does it have legs to stand on and can it walk for itself?

Or do you rush through life surviving from one pay-day to the next, working yourself to the ground, then boozing and partying till you drop? Does your dream include some people and exclude others? Does your to-do-list have space for quiet reflection time?

Here’s a worthy point to consider: a dream is of spirit and a fantasy is of the ego.

Most people do not meditate or practice any kind of centering that is life-affirming or that fosters more awareness. Watching TV, listening to music, reading or posting spiritual quotes on Facebook does not count as a centering practice. Most people are always in such a hurry, so full of this and that . . . no wonder then that we as a collective buy into fear-based theories.

People have not connected with their own truth. They fear their own truth is a ‘voice in wilderness’. Perhaps then it is time to slow down and finally connect with that inner voice?

A meditation is an excellent space to start doing that.

Of course, as it is with everything, taking that first step towards it is the hardest part. It really does get easier the more you spend time sitting quietly with your awareness resting in the center of your head. With practice also grows your certainty.

As you listen to your inner voice and your body, you may finally notice the screams that have been sent out were not your neighbours fighting or someone ‘bad vibing’ you: it was your body crying out for rest, healthy food and perhaps also fun and play. The body especially welcomes a grounding cord – it is so healing for the body.

When you ground, meditate, listen to your body, hear and live your own truth, reinvent yourself according to a larger dream . . . you will shine a bright light. You will become a blessing for others, a guiding light – a true shooting star indeed.

So that is my mock-up for the next year and beyond, to be that shooting star for others to make a wish upon.

May all the shooting done on Earth from here on be shooting stars . . .

©Janno Õnneleid 2012 / 2013

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dreaming a new dream

peace on earth hands

Maybe, if we work together, we could create a brand new world of peace?

Okay, here it is: December 21st, 2012.

For many years now we have been aware of the Mayan prophecy of the end of their Long Count calendar and many of those so-called doomsday theories surrounding it.

After years of research, I have not as of yet come across any factual article to give reason to jump to a doomsday theory. In fact, the Maya shamans themselves are said to be angered by these theories.

With the discerning ability to tell apart what are my fears and what are the collective ones – I never bought into those theories. The doomsday theories don’t excite me much, providing ones that are exactly opposite to them, do.

I’m the eternal optimist, I like to entertain the best possible outcomes. Consider me a Wonderland theorist! Perhaps it’s just that I’m not that invested into fear. Wherever there is fear, I do not play along.

A source, whose wisdom I have been able to validate for myself, is the Michael Entity’s perspective on the ongoing Winter Solstice days 21st through 23rd. (Link here: http://e2.ma/message/atp2d/yzqmn.)

According to them, we will be passing through a so-called ‘nexus’: a gateway of huge personal transformation, choices and shifts.

It is the end of an old dream and beginning of a new one. We are now throwing out anything that is old, worn out and no longer up-to-date making more space for something entirely new and wonderful to come in.

Whatever the explanations are, it is clear that energy is very intense right about this time period. Many whose psyches are weaker, can’t handle the pressure and crack. Those are the tragic stories we hear on the news. This isn’t anything new. Those things happen anyways. Those dysfunctional patterns have been held deep within the collective psyche for a long long time. It is all coming up for a hello now and eventually . . .  being released.

So the best word of advice is: don’t resist whatever discomfort you may be feeling through this window of change. Also, please do not judge your experience. You are precisely where you are supposed to be at this time.

The real question today is not what we can determine with the mind, what the logic or explanation of all these happenings is. That has all been explored already. If not even worn out by endless explanations . . .

Isn’t the real issue that people, as a collective, are far too willing to accept fear-based theories?

I call that: giving away Seniority. To be Senior to information means to be the king, ruler and the center of your own Universe and not allowing someone else to set the tone for you.

So that is what the ‘wake up call’ really is: wake up to your own intuitive knowing rather than continue to rely on others to dictate to you what to believe and what not to believe. Regardless of how ‘credible’ a source is – does it resonate with you? Listen in to the answer within yourself.

The best place to start hearing your own answers is meditation.

So here’s what to consider:

  • imagination / dreaming creates the present / future
  • you are responsible only for your own space, nobody else’s
  • with psychic tools such as grounding / circulating energies / separating out what is not yours – you own your space
  • meditation keeps you balanced
  • kindness costs nothing and heals
  • what has fear in it, has not yet evolved to its optimal

Winter solstice day sets the tone for the next year. Live today how you wish your 2013 to be! It’s an excellent day to set intentions, to meditate: work on a mock-up for the future.

When I asked for a color for this three-day window of change, I saw incredibly vibrant and shimmering gold. I’m seeing something coming that is so amazing that we have not as of yet been able to even fathom its magnificence. It can only be experienced. Together.

With full awareness of the power of imagination, meditation, visualization – here are the intentions I’m setting for the planet for many years to come:

  1. global shift from irresponsible youth to a more responsible adult: everyone takes care of their own backyard, recycling, health-consciousness, no more toxic food, water / etc, moderation in everything
  2. men allowing themselves to feel emotions: end of the old dream where men were not permitted to feel, break down and cry
  3. equal rights for everyone regardless of race, age, size, gender, sexuality, religion / etc in every country: no more discrimination
  4. work / rest / play in a proportion that is manageable and healthy for every individual: no one gets overloaded, because of someone else’s greed, everyone can choose how much they can and are willing to work
  5. end of fear – beginning of love: no more fear-based theories to control the world with
  6. no one gets left out / behind: including all countries of the world, all working together as a large global community, there is help, support and assistance for everyone depending on their very specific needs
  7. no more hidden / secretive politics: everything is done in an open and transparent way, we pick our leaders who are truly role models and examples of higher living
  8. no more greed-economy: money flows equally, fairly and easily to everyone not just to a select few; taxes and bills are manageable without breaking one’s neck working 24 / 7
  9. no more aggressive conflict resolution: peaceful ways are explored and practiced from here on, more awareness work done on the mental health background of individuals who are entrusted with arms

So those are a few of my intentions. What are yours? Please share with me, I would love to hear from you.

For now, I’m wishing you all a wonderful Winter Solstice, easy / joyous endings and wondrous new beginnings!

©Janno Õnneleid 2012

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You were born a star.

When you are at peace, cared for and nurtured – you radiate and shine a bright light for all to bask in.

So go ahead, be the star that you are and treat yourself this festive season. And I mean: eat that cake without guilt! Buy those shoes and wrap them beautifully with glitter and a bow. Buy whatever it is that you know will make you feel good. Perhaps you will consider getting an indulgent aura reading or clairvoyant reading / healing (check out OFFERS below)? When you invest into your well-being, you are vibrationally saying ‘yes’ to abundance, your Havingness gauge is going up and much, much more will flow in as a result. So enjoy.

Festive season offers: discounts and gift packages for both new and  returning customers. There is  something special for everyone:

EssenceJoy OFFERS

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the answer is in the dew — are you looking closely enough?

One of my clairvoyant teachers mentioned once that clairvoyance is the most accurate means of receiving psychic or extra-sensory data, because this way the data comes directly from source – whatever the source is at the time – and is not influenced by any agenda.

Intuitively I knew this to be true, but I had yet to experience it for myself. 

I will share some stories, where this piece of information came to be validated experientially.

After an evening shift in a residential care home, I was waiting for a bus. It was about ten minutes past eight o’clock and the schedule in the bus stop gave arrival time as 8:32 pm. I waited happily for 22 minutes, but no bus came. At about quarter to nine I was starting to get impatient. So I put up a rose and asked the exact time when the next bus was arriving. The answer came as 9:15 pm. Need I mention how annoying that felt? Then just to check in ‘real time’, I used a text-messaging service to let me know the bus arrival time, which came also at exactly 9:15 pm – at least I felt validated, which made me feel good. And yes, you guessed it, the bus didn’t arrive until about 10-15 minutes past the supposed arrival time. Oh well, I considered myself blessed to even get home that night.

It’s not what you think . . .

Another recent example is a reality TV-show called ‘I’m a Celebrity – Get me Out of Here’, which ended just last night. The finalists were down to two women: Ashley and Charlie. A lot of people were making predictions, so I decided to have a go at it as well. I put up a rose, asked for who the winner would be . . . and saw Charlie! That was a tad confusing to me since everyone (including me!) expected Ashley to win. Somehow Charlie didn’t seem a good-enough / kind-enough / etc-judgements person and you just wouldn’t expect it. Also, when I asked the clairvoyant question, I actually heard Ashley in my mind, so that was misleading, as well. Thank goodness I have experience as a clairvoyant reader and have learned to distrust clairaudient information as it can be (and often is)  influenced by outside sources such as beings that plug into my clairaudient / telepathic channels. Clairaudience can also tap into the ‘collective wish’, which clairvoyance does not. Somehow, clairvoyance always gives accurate information in the form of images, pictures and visions – it has never let me down. And lo and behold, this morning I see ‘Charlie wins Celebrity’ on msn.com. I was not surprised. This has happened several times before. As a professional clairvoyant I have learned my lessons and always check the accuracy of any information gained from other sources with my clairvoyance.

It’s not what you hear . . .

I had a client recently who wanted some remote viewing done to locate a lost purse. She described it precisely to me, so it was very easy to locate. I saw several images amongst which was a young girl stealing the purse and a house. From the young girl image I immediately assumed it was stolen and that is the answer I gave my client. I also heard the words ‘it was stolen’. I now regret trusting that auditory message as my client disagreed with this answer 100%. I did actually see the house as well and should have mentioned the purse may also be in the house. And yet I didn’t. She has not as of yet found the purse, but she herself believes the purse may still be somewhere in the house even though she has already looked everywhere. This reading was a little rushed, so I didn’t have time to check into any beings that could have been affecting the situation. There may very well be a mischievous (a passed-away relative) spirit playing games there with her. And my reading may still turn out to be correct. Whatever the case, this was another example where I learned to trust my clairvoyance even more than ever.

So in conclusion, what can really affect psychic readings is the sounds (clairaudience) and thoughts (claircognizance) that can suddenly pop into our minds and the question is: how do you know whether it’s your own analyzer / mind thinking or accurate information gained via the 7th chakra (the ability of clear knowing / claircognizance) or the telepathically transmitted thoughts of a spirit being who is trying to influence?

Answer is simple:

always check with your clairvoyance. If the images confirm the thoughts, then rest assured it is accurate psychic information.

Another precarious area in psychic readings is the matter of reading the future, but that is a story for another time . . .  Meanwhile I wish all the followers of this blog a very happy Christmas season! Thank you all for being part of my journey.

©Janno Õnneleid 2012

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It’s November 28th today, a full moon day – a rather significant one considering it is accompanied by an eclipse.

In my dreams last night I was certainly clearing out some very old issues with individuals I haven’t spoken to for years!

The primary theme there was around old limits that I’ve accepted via conditioning or limits that I’ve placed on myself.

I am now pushing past those limits.

As we are nearing Christmas, the time of receiving and allowing – I would like to talk more about those limits.

Many avid New Age manifestors are aware of the Law of Attraction and how thoughts / intentions / visualization creates the future – and are happily thinking those loving thoughts, setting those intentions and visualizing what they want. That is all fine and dandy until, for whatever reason – those manifestations don’t seem to happen.

Is the Law of Attraction not working? Am I not setting strong enough intentions? Not thinking lovingly enough? I must be doing something wrong, right?


What is really happening is that you have come up against a wall that is limiting what you allow yourself to have in your life. And the word here is: Havingness.

It’s a funny little word, but I’m sure many who read this, intuitively understand what it means.

You only create as much into your life as you are really comfortable with. You may have been praying hard for more money, business success, more friends, more fun or whatever – but you are not going to see it happen until you are not comfortable with those changes.

Havingness level is originally set by our extended family and those conditions in the childhood home. Going past these limits isn’t only challenging to you, but also to your family members who have not yet overcome their limits. Whether you live with them, far from them or whether you even speak with them is irrelevant as you are still connected at the energy level. When you are struggling to manifest something that your family members never had – you can be sure there is the energy of resistance in your space that is both your own and your family’s.

As I have mentioned before in this blog, the only best thing to do with resistance is to send it down the grounding cord.

A person with low Havingness is convinced that he must work hard for whatever one receives in life. He may reject easy compliments, sudden offering of monetary support from a wealthy friend / relative, surprise gifts, etc. He doesn’t believe in the worth and value of his work – so he prices his services at a comfortably low price. These are all typical examples of low Havingness at the core of which is low self-worth and simply not allowing in support from others. They tend to have the perfect picture of how all these gifts / benefits / money should arrive and typically it should be through one’s own efforts.

Christmas is an excellent time to take a close look at what we really allow ourselves to have. Many people on the planet say they feel lonely at Christmas time – this shows not really allowing social fun into one’s life. They are preferring to stay isolated at some level, because Christmas time is a time when people come very close to each with warmth, smiles, jollyness and all kinds of goodness that most people simply don’t believe they deserve.

Another example is a young lady who works at a cafe that I visit daily. She’s over-weight and clearly has hang-ups about it. When I smile at her or give her compliments, she begins to look suspicious as if to say there is not a chance in the world that I could genuinely like her in some way. She has not yet learned to like herself. I personally liked her from the moment I first saw her.

Amusingly, while writing this blog post – I was hitting my personal wall of Havingness here, too. Resisting communicating this delicious piece of information. I have yet to clear out many limits to what I allow myself to communicate.

So, how do you increase your Havingness?

  1. You could learn energy work. I teach it, so if you feel so inclined, get in touch with me for one-to-one energy work tutoring.
  2. You could get a clairvoyant healing session with me whereby I will specifically take a close look at your Havingness, see what is blocking it and help to increase it for you.
  3. Or you could just bust those limits simply by going outside of your comfort zone. E.g.: You could treat yourself to something special this Christmas, like buying something luxurious or eating without guilt – this will immediately uppen your Havingness gauge, let your body know you deserve good things and more will begin to flow in as a result.

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how about them gift ideas 😉

Wow, it’s mid-November already and Christmas will be here sooner than we realize. Time is marching on, but what a year it’s been! I am so grateful for all the wonderful manifestations that came to be for me this year. I’m sure many who are reading this have had an equally amazing time.

The end of the year holiday season is without a doubt one of the most magical and wonderful times. We are all so busy buying each other gifts, writing cards, planning Christmas dinners and so much more. How exciting! But there’s a flip-side of this coin: if we are not careful, we can end up burnt out by the time of Christmas itself. So it’s a good idea to find ways to manage energy without ending up completely drained at the other end.

Here’s what I suggest: 12 gifts to give to yourself this festive season. And the best part is – these ones keep on giving . . .

1. Meditate. When you create some quiet, still space for yourself to recharge, you are investing into everything else in a big way. You will return to you activities with more clarity and a sense of calm. And you will be a joy for others to be around, too. How’s that for a gift!

2. Give yourself permission to slow down, rest, enjoy and to let go. When we get into the activity of things, it can be quite hard to stop, look and listen again. There seems to be a constant inner push to keep going. The collective energy is contributing heavily here, so have enough respect for yourself to realize that you can stop and rest. Whenever.

3. Throw out the perfect picture of what the festive season is supposed to be like. This is one of the worst energy-drains: trying to constantly live up to some ideal of how it’s all supposed to be. And then getting all emotional and messed-up if something does not fit the perfect picture. Just let it all be whatever it wants to be.

4. Use grounding. Using a simple visualization, you can send any excess energy down the grounding cord. There is no need to carry it all around with you. Read this on how to ground. You can send any worries and concerns that are not yours down to the Earth, she will gladly neutralize and recycle those energies.

5. Delegate. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Give some of your unresolved cares / worries / concerns over to the Supreme Being. And trust that all is unfolding as it’s supposed to be. Have patience and trust that your mock-ups (or prayers) will manifest, when the time is right.

6. Smile. Go on – try it right now. See how good it feels. I advise visualizing a rose, then asking that rose to show a colour for the energy of your Amusement. Even just doing that is enough to get Amusement running in your energy field.

7. Say hello. I mean really: say hello to people. Even those you don’t normally say hello to. You are healing both yourself and others in a huge way, when you do this. If you accompany your hello also with a warm smile – you may be changing someone’s life. A warm smile and a look in the eyes that says ‘I see you – and I like you’ is tremendously healing. Consider giving that gift this festive season.

8. Forgive. The energy of forgiveness is essential to lightening your load. When you forgive, you stop running the toxic energy of unforgiveness in your space. You radiate spiritual power. That power is the secret to manifesting more of what you wish into your life.

9. Sing and dance. Seriously, just use any opportunity to sing and dance either by yourself or with others. This creates amusement and a sense of well-being. Again, vibrations that are sorely needed and welcomed by many at this time.

10. Ground out effort and resistance. Speaks for itself. Why do you need to carry such stuck energies around with you? You don’t! Send them down the grounding cord and allow life to be easy.

11. Treat yourself kindly and gently. You’ve been doing this for others, perhaps it’s time to start being kind to yourself, too? Really.

12. Treat yourself indulgently. You were born a star. When you are at peace, cared for and nurtured – you radiate and shine a bright light for all to bask in. So go ahead, be the star that you are and treat yourself this festive season. And I mean: eat that cake without guilt! Buy those shoes and wrap them beautifully with glitter and a bow. Buy whatever it is that you know will make you feel good. Perhaps you will consider getting an indulgent aura reading or clairvoyant reading / healing (check out OFFERS below)? When you invest into your well-being, you are vibrationally saying ‘yes’ to abundance, your Havingness gauge is going up and much, much more will flow in as a result. So enjoy.


Festive season offers: discounts and gift packages for both new and

returning customers. There is

something special for everyone:

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Treat yourself to some indulgent reading time.

Hello! I am a professional and want to give you the best reading / healing experience your money can buy, so there are some important points to take into consideration.

1. What you need for a reading:

  • clear mind & clear questions ~ whether you perceive energy or not or whether you even believe in energy – there is a certain tone of energy you bring with you into the reading. If you are not clear, calm and centered, it will take me longer to get through the fog and to the very core of what you seek. I do not want to waste your time, but if you are not centered and clear, I will have to do that work and this means you will have to occasionally allow me 5 minutes to run my energies and clear whatever may be blocking clear access to info. Otherwise, if you practice meditating, grounding or some form of centering – I highly recommend doing that before entering into a reading.
  • patience ~ be aware that sometimes the answers can come in symbols that may not be known to me and indeed belong into YOUR subconscious memory bank – and thus can take a little longer to ‘decipher’, as it were.
  • a relaxed and playful attitude ~ a psychic reading isn’t meant to be a serious space. That’s the space to be creative and have fun, to take things lightly – that’s the whole point of it. So have fun!
  • open mind ~ Have no expectations! A psychic reading is led by spirit, which means your ego expectations might not be met, however, your spirit will be very happy about the validation. Also, If you are a sceptic and expect me to ‘prove’ to you that ‘psychic is real’, then you are not open to the information I have to share with you, which makes it difficult to access what you are really seeking. If you want to ‘test the psychic’, then I advise you to go test some other psychic.

2. Before we start:

  • have your questions ready
  • be ready to state your name loud and clear at the start of the session ~ I need your name to tune into your energy. If I feel unclear for whatever reason in the session, I might ask you to re-state your name to assure that I’m reading YOUR energy and not someone else’s energy in your space.

3. In the session:

  • sit comfortably in an upright chair (if possible)
  • keep your feet flat on the floor (to allow in Earth energy / grounding)
  • keep legs uncrossed
  • do not close your eyes or go into trance with me ~ Otherwise the reading can become muddled / unclear.

4. After the session:

  • I highly recommend taking some time out for yourself, to allow your energy to process the information that has been gained and give your energy plenty of time to adjust ~ Sometimes you will feel great after a session and other times you can go into growth, so it’s important to have patience with your process. A Clairvoyant reading is as much a reading as it is a healing, which means your energy will go through some sort of adjustment afterwards. It’s a good idea to sit with whatever information has been gained in a reading and give it plenty of time to settle. When you gain new information it starts growth in your energy field. Minimal time for this process could be a week, but it might need up to 3 months. That is to say, it would not be much use to get another reading immediately after you’ve had one and to ask the same questions again – the answers will not have changed much.

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running your own info

Whenever we are faced with difficulties or issues or feel pain, we automatically seek to ease it by leaning on someone or some thing outside of ourselves.

In that moment of being faced with an issue – the moment when a pain picture claims Seniority in our energy fields – we can lose faith in our own unique connection with the Supreme Being / the Divine and seek wisdom / power / worth outside of ourselves.

We look to others (people / beings or even things) to validate us, because in that moment of being stuck – we are unable to validate ourselves. Or so we think. So we go and fill ourselves up with the energy of others.

Our energy field then becomes like a house with doors and windows open 24/7 for anyone to come and go as they please. Would you actually allow that to happen to your home? Now imagine doing that to your energy field / your psyche.

When we are filled up with a whole bunch of stuff that is not ours, we can lose ourselves. A clairvoyant will notice that your space looks crowded, maybe even struggling to find ‘you’ under all that stuff. An ordinary person perceives a lack of radiance around you. They may comment: “he’s not been himself lately” . . . “she’s not the same person anymore”.

You get the picture!

By giving away your space to others, you may receive gratification, but you will lose your freedom. You will literally not have much of a say anymore about what you want to do with your life. The energy and voices of others in your space will drown out your own unique voice.

When you decide to move / push out  the energy (or ‘info’) of others – the original issues will come up again. This is the challenging part. Will you once again invite in others to alleviate your pain or will you instead choose to trust that your pain is only temporary and that you do have your own unique worth amongst others in this Universe.

There are ways to go through that pain and yes: you can handle it.

When you sit and breathe through your pain / difficulties / challenges without leaning on others – you are honouring your own Truth, your own unique way of looking at and dealing with things.

Running your own info isn’t always easy. It takes courage. But the rewards are sweet. Ultimately, it is truly the most precious gift of Self-Love you could ever give to yourself.

©Janno Õnneleid 2012 All Rights Reserved

photo: yellow flower /  www.facebook.com (Page: Flower Story)